Tuesday, September 2, 2008

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Bloggers Buff was mooted to be a stepping stone to get Malaysian bloggers from various genres together in a day to open up their minds towards different aspects of blogging and to comment on issues that affect bloggers in the country.

Bloggers Buff 2007 was held in the similar fashion last year but this year, Bloggers Buff 2008 will be held with much greater extend.

It will be a conference cum forum event, where we plan to call established speakers to grace the event and share with us their experiences. The speaker list would be released soon once we've managed to confirm with them.

Our objectives include:
* To create a good network of Malaysian bloggers of different genres.
* To alienate fears and negative perception of blogs in mainstream print media.
* To promote blogging as a potential income generator.
* To promote blogging as a medium to exchange information.

What: Two sessions of blogger's event planned for the day where the first
session will touch on Ethical Blogging, Blogging Platforms and Money Making via Blogging, and the second session will be a fun-filled networking event.

When :
22nd November 2008

Where : Putra World Trade Center (PWTC)

Who : This workshop is opened for about 100 Malaysian bloggers of all
genres and race.

Fees : We're making this as low cost as possible by absorbing most
of the costs. We will announce the fees soon.

Do fill out the Registration Form and submit it to us today. We will get in touch with you on the mode of payment via e-mail once your registration is confirmed.


Jeffrey04 said...

hey, we are also organizing some activities for local chinese bloggers on the same day :D We will be presenting awards to bloggers in various fields at that night...

Besides that, we will be organizing some talk and a gathering for local chinese bloggers on that day as well

is there anything that you think we can co-operate with each other?

if you can read chinese, feel free to navigate to our announcement site at http://www.mybloggercon.org/

Blogger's Buff said...

hi jeffrey

thanks for the info. could you please e-mail us (bloggersbuff@gmail.com) for us to discuss if the possibility of us working together?

thanks again!